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Volcom has worked with Labeltex for years and there are a lot of reasons we have kept such a long lasting relationship. Their quality of their trims and the service they offer is unbeatable. They have provided everything from hardware to packaging to labels and patches for us. Our designers have a distinct vision for every aspect of our products and Labeltex is great at meeting our needs and being flexible when we have to make adjustments. Their sales team assists in every aspect from the beginning of development to bulk production and their design and development teams are reliable, skilled, and great at understanding our brand and delivering what we need. In this industry, we face a lot of obstacles and every member of the Labeltex team goes above and beyond to ensure the quality and delivery of our products. We appreciate the years Labeltex has been involved with our brand and look forward to what’s to come!

Lauren Biggs

We loved receiving this wonderful review from one of our favorite clients – Volcom. What a wonderful brand and team. We’re looking forward to many many more years working together.

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