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In our opinion, the power of a hangtag is an underestimated thing. This small item holds a world of information and has the ability to keep your brand in the mind of a client for a longer period of time, if not forever saved in a memory box or scanned and pinned to a Pinterest fashion board. Paying extra attention to such details as hangtags is an effective way to increase and retain awareness of your brand.

So, where do you start? When it comes to hangtags there are many variations and it can all get a touch overwhelming. What exactly should be on it, should it be woven or printed? Do I need sublimation? What even is that…?

Let’s put a hold on all those technical questions, for now, we can help you work through your options and explain all the complicated things later. The world is your oyster when you’re working with us so for now our focus is on helping you get inspired! We’ve gathered some interesting, colorful and textured labels to help get your creative on!

We’ve gathered a few hangtag options we admire below..

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